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Welcome to the Living History section of our website, dedicated to Living History Groups and Military Vehicle Trusts who support us – and the people who make it happen, the re-enactors and the vehicle owners.

Living history is an activity that incorporates historical items, activities and dress into an interactive presentation that seeks to give the observer and participants a real sense of stepping back in time and is used as an educational medium to educate the public about areas of history, such as clothing, weapons, vehicles and artefacts. Also  to  convey a sense of what it was actually like in the second  world war.

During the year when we are open; normally from March through to October  but at other times too. We are often visited by re -enactor groups from all over the country, who camp and put on demonstrations  for the public as well as the MVT, who bring their vehicles. Normally at Smeatharpe but Dunkeswell too.  So do keep a look out for announcements   

Our living history colleagues love talking to the public about history and are a mine of information on their chosen subject.

We also welcome new groups, so if you would like to visit us as a group or would like to get involved in re-enacting, or if you have a military vehicle please do contact us


 Living History

101st Parachute Infantry Re-Enactors on a training weekend at our heritage centre at Smeatharpe and above a member of the public gets to try on a parachute while receiving instruction !!



Photo shoot

If you are interested in having some photographs taken in and around our Airfields then you need to call us, we have a number of experienced photographers that can take some great pictures around our historical archaeology; why not give us a call on 0777 885 7722

Here are just some examples below

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