Interesting footage Upottery airfield

Some remarkable footage found on youtube of some of the old WWII buildings left around the old Upottery airfield on private Land All credits John Grech



  1. Calum hurley

    Hello, today I was working on a old boys farm, who tells me that there is a massive part of the up otters airfield berried on his property from the war. Planes,buildings the lot.
    I am after info,at ion as this has sparked a huge interest of mine as to why? As to what it was like befor? Just interest in it all.
    So any info is great info.

    1. Robin

      Calum, I did try emailing you directly but I expect my email finished up in your spam box. These burial pits were known about locally at the time. However everything was done to discourage their exploration. Example a good many years ago someone did try exploring the burial site at Dunkeswell using a local contractor with a JCB. I was told by the individual who organised it that once they dug deep enough the first bucket that came up with material from the burial pit was live ammunition. The exploration ceased there and then and the bucket of material was quickly restored to its original site which was filled back in and reinstated.

      The old saying comes to mind “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” Robin

  2. Ruth

    Nice website

  3. Shelby

    Nice post

  4. kevin norley

    Dear John, I love your you tube video of the old RAF buildings at Upottery, Can you tell me do you know who I need to get in contact with to gain access to take pictures,
    Regards Kevin norley

    1. Robin

      Kevin, John Crech recorded those pictures some time ago and they are a fantastic record. The land and buildings have changed hands over the years and are now owned by a lot of different individuals and it is not possible to just contact anyone person for access.
      I imagine you will understand when we say that most of the current owners are not keen on the intrusion so we regret we cannot hep you in your quest.
      Regards Robin

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