Memories of two Operation’s Room W.A.A.F Plotters RAF Exeter 1941 -1945

We wish to thank David Malleson and his grandmother Miss Elizabeth Lake (now Mrs E Stevenson) who lives at Newcastle for sharing these photos and her memories. We welcome any comments and any more information about the following pictures from anyone interested.

Two new WAAF Plotter pictures RAF Exeter, featuring Lillian Beveridge. Sent in by her Daughter Jill Swainton


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Where was this taken

Memories of WAAF Elizabeth Lake

Miss Elizabeth Lake was the daughter of a school headmaster and she received her call up papers in late 1941 and was ordered to be at Euston Station very early on a December morning. The station was of course blacked out and there were hundreds of service personnel milling around. She along with the others …

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WAAF Quarters at Poltimore Park for RAF Exeter Command Centre

Memories of WAAF Phyllis Hill

Mrs Phyllis Hill. She also served at RAF Exeter during 1941-45. We thank Phyllis and her son Keith Hill for sharing. WAAF. AIR FORCE PLOTTER FIGHTER COMMAND 1941-1945.AUGUST 19th 1939. My Wedding Day aged 20 years. We were on our honeymoon when war was declared. Returning to our new house in Devizes, Wiltshire, our first …

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