Wings & Wheels 2012

TWO of the actors from the H.B.O series ‘BAND OF BROTHERS’ appeared at the show. Matthew Leitch, who played Floyd Talbert , and Mark Lawrence attended the event.

Our wings & wheels event next year will be on the 17th &18th August 2013.


 Pictures from the Wings & Wheels event, 2012



  1. Doug Pearce

    With current weather condition is the event still on.

    1. doug pearce

      There`s a site meeting today, and I`m sure the organisers will be
      looking at this.

      Really keen to attend but need to know this before I leave home
      1600 hrs Fri – 80 miles single trip with cost of fuel and trailer attached.

  2. Robin

    Peter we look forward to seeing it on display

  3. doud pearce

    Will post forms to you in the next day or two.

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