Wings & Wheels 2012

TWO of the actors from the H.B.O series ‘BAND OF BROTHERS’ appeared at the show. Matthew Leitch, who played Floyd Talbert , and Mark Lawrence attended the event.

Our wings & wheels event next year will be on the 17th &18th August 2013.


 Pictures from the Wings & Wheels event, 2012



  1. David Bunney

    Wings & Wheels. 2013 will be held on the old runway at Dunkeswell Airfield on the 17th&18th August . We will again have some of the cast members of BAND OF BROTHERS at the event along with WW2 re-enactors. WW1 re-enactors Military Vehicles. Aircraft. Military Stalls Childrens Area. Arena Display. Entertainment . Miss Memphis Belle . Blitz and Peaces. For further information Tel 01404890174

  2. Samantha Wakefield

  3. Chris Dunn

    We held an AFD event at Davidstow Airfield 2 weeks ago and we’re at 962 ft. Water runs downhill! We’re coming up from Cornwall and hope to see you all there later today. Sunday is an all suns blazing day, so any showers on Sat will dry out then!

  4. Doug Pearce

    with current weather conditions is the even still taking place.
    See no pass etc.

    1. Fatbear

      Yes the event is taking place. If the pass has not arrived mention this to the people on the gate and they will sort you out.

  5. Doug Pearce

    With current weather condition is the event still on.

    1. Fatbear

      A BIG YES!!

      The event is on, and we`ve moved it to the dis-used runway, so as to avoid any issue with mud.

      We look forward to seeing you there

      1. doug pearce

        Nice to here, How how does this get around the fact that we need to pitch tents for sleeping in and for our display.

        1. Fatbear


          There`s a site meeting today, and I`m sure the organisers will be looking at this.

          1. doug pearce

            There`s a site meeting today, and I`m sure the organisers will be
            looking at this.

            Really keen to attend but need to know this before I leave home
            1600 hrs Fri – 80 miles single trip with cost of fuel and trailer attached.

  6. Darren Neale

    Hi, only found out about this a couple of days ago, I do a lot of photography so am planning on coming up as only live in Cornwall. Do I need a pass or something.

    1. Fatbear


      You can buy tickets on the day. Ther`ll be a lot to photograph, having both aircraft and vintage vehicles.

      Kind regards

  7. Mick Seager

    Hi, is the event a pay on the day, or do tickets need to be purchased prior to event?
    Regards, mick

    1. Fatbear

      HI Mick

      You can pay on the day. We look forward to seeing you.

      Kind regards

  8. Geoff Charman

    I am interested in coming but cannot find the admission prices for the general public, could you please publish them.

    Many thanks

    1. David Bunney

      Hi Geoff the admission price for the public is 10 Adult;; 5 child;; 20 Family ticket ; sorry pound sign has gone on my pc.

    2. Fatbear


      The prices are:

      £10 Adults
      £5 Children
      £20 Family

      Free children under 5 and WW2 Veterans

  9. David Bunney

    Hi Andy will be pleased to see you at our Wings & wheels event At Dunkeswell in july no problem with you camping on the saturday night with camper van.

  10. Andy Hart

    Hello David,
    I met someone representing your event at Norton Fitzwarren saturday, This reminded me that you had telephoned me about entering my 1942 Matchless motor-cycle in your event. Sorry I had not replied sooner but my wife had to go into hospital. All is now well & I have downloaded an entry form for the bike and we would like to camp on the saturday night. camper van & awning. I wiil post a completed form ASAP.
    Many thanks
    Andy Hart.

  11. David Bunney

    Members of the S.W.A.H.T. attended theBattle of Britain event at Norton Fitzwarrren Taunton on Saturday 9th of June and met up with the guys from Southwest Re-enactment Group who are suporting us at our event . Wings and Wheels posters were given out to the public and to re-enactors.

    1. David Bunney

      Hi folks Steve. Parsons. Trish. and myself attended the Maiden. Newton event on Sunday 24th June had a great day gave out over 300 posters for our event at Dunkeswell It was a fairly large event. with many military vehicles re-enactors and a lot of forties music with the Manhatten Dolls from the U.S.A.

  12. doud pearce

    Will post forms to you in the next day or two.

    1. David Bunney

      Hi Doug Got your form have now returned your gate pass look forward to meeting you at the event.

      1. Doug P

        Last message said
        Hi Doug Got your form have now returned your gate pass look forward to meeting you at the event.

        Confirm vehicle with trailer, civvy tetn plus Reenactment tent, Ariel 350, weapons, RAF related.

  13. doug pearce

    Hi, only discovered your wings and wheel show last night, reading your application form you wish to know if guiniuine vintage/historical military vehiches wish to attend. Looking to bring my Ariel 350 WN/G in RAF Markings, wish to display with medium size ww2 ridge tent. assume I need to complete application form but with free entry. Attending both days wish to camp – military display tent will also be used to camp in.

    1. Robin

      Hi Doug, it would help if you filled in the application form but you will be made welcome anyway, All best Robin for SWAHT

  14. David Bunney

    Hi Folks had an message from Dunkeswell airfield to say NO open fires or throw away BBQs on the airfield on the evenings of 13th/ 14th/ 15th of july at our Wings & Wheels event gas and camping stoves will be ok. We are having fortnightly meetings with Devon S T R.U.T planning the event and have walked the airfield with them to do site plan so if you havent already please let me know if you wish to attend. The owner of the airfield Mr. Brendon. Proctor. has been very much involved and we would like to thank him for all his help

  15. David Bunney

    Hi Gate passes for those comming to the event will be posted to you this week.

  16. David Bunney

    Hi folks things are going well with Wings & Wheels Event looks like we are going to have a good one
    Please don`t do any rain dances in july

    1. peter bennett

      just had a call from are chairman and it look like we will be puting some models aircraft on display. looking forward to puting my 50% piper cub on display

      1. Robin

        Peter we look forward to seeing it on display

    2. David Bunney

      New`s flash Band of Brothers Actor Mark Lawrence [Dukeman] is now joining us at our event.along with
      Matthew Leitch. Thank you to all who have supported us on our vist`s to the other event`s we have attended.
      We have made many new friends Hope to see you all again at our event on 14th 15th July at Dunkeswell

    3. David Bunney

      The Wings and Wheels is on At Dunkeswell airfield See you all there Go to our Facebook Page for all information.

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