RAF Culmhead from the air

These photos show RAF Culmhead from the air:

Culmhead from the air

Culmhead from the air


  1. Øyvind Runge Jepsen

    Mayby you know – but under the food and mouth crisis in 2001 the site were used by DEFRA as center for the veterinary campaign for eradication of the disease in Sommerset. I was there for a month as a volunteer together with dedicated veterinarians from all over the world fighting this battle. I did at that time knowing nothing about the history of the place, a great pity, as I am very interested in WW2 history. Then and now I am proud of our effort in 2001, and seen in a historic perspective, it could be a tiny pay back to the brave men fighting for the freedom in Europe 1939_45. Sincerely and thanks. Ø.R. Jepsen, DVM, Denmark

    1. Robin

      As a member of the trust and a retired dairy farmer living not far from Upottery airfield I am grateful for your interest in the airfield and your help help 2001 over that worrying time. All best

  2. Robin

    I have contacted Joshua direct

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