Upottery Memorial role of Honour

The Roll of Honour Shown on the Upottery Airfield Commemorative Plaque

Insignia of the US 9th AAFThe 325th Glider Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne Div. US Army

2nd Lt Guy W. Gowen
2nd Lt Andrew Stepich
S/Sgt Joe Di Ciuccio
Sgt Alfred H. King
Cpl Edmund J. Greenwood
Pfc Fred Bates
Pfc Charles C. Bratcher
Pfc Irvin N. Frankart
Pfc Francis J. Higdon
Pfc Glenn Lego
Pfc Martin B. Murphy
Pfc Thomas H. Roberts
Pvt Edger J. Ashenfelter
Pvt John N. Bruno
Pvt John D. Garbin
Pvt Joseph B. Helms
Pvt Glen E. Matthews
Pvt Thomas C. Mirelez
439th Troop Carrier Group USAAF
91st Squadron C-47 42-93095
1st Lt. Harold A. Cappelluto
2nd Lt. John J. Fanelli
2nd Lt. Bernard Friedman
Sgt. Norman E. Thompson
Sgt. Albert R. Tillotson Jr.
91st Squadron C-47 42-100819
2nd Lt. Marsten F. Sargent
F/O Steve C. Baran
S/Sgt. Melvin B. Shullanberger
T/Sgt. Walter F. Gendron
93rd Squadron C-47 42-100876
2nd Lt. Marvin F. Muir (Posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for holding his burning aircraft under control until the paratroopers aboard could exit, sacrificing himself and his crew) 
2nd Lt. Kenneth C. Bell
S/Sgt. Clifford L. Burgess
2nd Lt. John A. Marisay
Sgt. Philip Snyder
93rd Squadron
F/O Robert W. Smith
F/O Robert H. Weiss
94th Squadron
F/O Vincent J. Rembes

Insignia of the 101st Airborne506th Parachute Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne Div US Army

1st Lt. Thomas Meehan III
1st Sgt. William S. Evans
S/Sgt. Murry B. Roberts
Sgt. Elmer L. Murry Jr.
Sgt. Richard E. Owen
Sgt. Carl N. Riggs
T/5 Herman F. Collins
T/5 Ralph H. Wimer
Pfc. Sergio G. Moya
Pfc. Gerald R. Snider
Pvt. George L. Elliott
Pvt. William T. McGonigal Jr.
Pvt. John N. Miller
Pvt. Elmer L. Telstad
Pvt. Ernest L. Oats
Pvt. Jerry A. Wenzel
Pvt. Thomas W. Warren
1st Lt. Kenneth A. Beatty
Sgt. Roy H. Speake
Cpl. Eugene E. Middleton
T/5 John L. Davis
T/5 John D. Hall
Pfc. Colin Campbell
Pfc. Robert M. Namoli
Pfc. Jay E. Cheel
Pfc. Frederick J. Feneran
Pfc. Robert J. Hensal
Pvt. Augustine Gonzales
Pvt. James D. King
Pvt. Salvatore M. Lefferrera
Pvt. Luther F. Morrison
Pvt. Hugh F. Williams
Pvt. Benjamin F. Winn

The South West Airfields Heritage Trust would be delighted to hear from any veterans or their families please do not hesitate to contact us, e-mail to this site will find it’s way to the right people.

See also the Upottery Airfield section.

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  1. Kalyse Greener

    i am the grandaughter of Ernest Lee Oats. Currently his wife and daughter
    Are living as well. I would like further info I his death if possible.


    Kalyse Greener

    1. Robin

      I replied to Kalyse and provided her with what information we had to share

  2. Robin

    Ella, your uncle Melvin Shullanberger is buried in the Colleville-Sur-Mer cemetery France, this is situated above the Omaha beach Normandy. he is buried in plot 1 row27 grave 30. I have sent you the link to the American Battle Monuments Commission who show some of this cemetery on their home page. I will also look out some photo’s taken when I last visited there.

    For those looking in Melvin was a Staff Sargent with the 439th Troop Carrier Group who was killed when the aircraft he was flying in was shot down during operation Neptune early hours of June 6th 1944

  3. ella winkler

    I am trying to find the grave site of my uncle Melvin Bell Shullanberger..radio operator on C47 439th Troop Carrier..I wold like a picture of the cemetary if possible…thank you

    1. Picauville se souvient "Picauville Remembers"


      Do you know that a monument exist in Normandy for your uncle. Our assoication organize each year a cérémony . This year it’s on the 1 st june. We find also pictures of your uncle and his crew.

      1. Robin

        It is great to think that on both sides of the channel the loss of these service men are honoured, we also have a ceremony each year at Upottery on the Sunday nearest June 6th

    2. Edward Rickford

      Hey. My name is Edward Rickford and I study history at GWU. I am commenting on this post because I have a class assignment that requires I write a biography on a soldier buried in Normandy who grew up near my hometown. I grew up in a small Sacramento suburb called Elk Grove and I have not found any soldiers I can write about in my neighborhood so my professor gave me permission to expand the scope of my search. In doing so, I recently came across the name Melvin Schullanberger. Since he enlisted in San Francisco and grew up somewhat close to Sacramento (that’s what my research tells me at least), my professor has given me permission to write about him. I am now in the process of trying to compile information for a biography which is a difficult task since there is not much information about him online. I would really appreciate it if somebody could direct me to a resource to find information about Melvin. The AMBC website offers very little information. Just having contact information for a family member or friend that knew him well would help quite a bit. I am fully aware that this is an unorthodox request and I apologize for messaging you through this website rather than using a more traditional means. If I could have found a different way to gather the information, I would have. Hope to hear from someone1

      1. Robin

        I have been in touch with Edward and given him as much information as I have, if anyone else can help him with his project please do

      2. Karen

        Melvin Shullanberger was my grand uncle. I have just a little info on him send me a message

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