Upottery Heritage Centre

Upottery Heritage Centre

The Upottery Airfield Heritage Centre is situated at Cherry Hayes Farm, Slough Lane, Smeatharpe EX14 9RD.

This is about 1/2 mile east of the airstrip.

Good Friday  25th March we will re-open the new look Nissen Hut to the public 11am – 4pm, for the 2016 season.
Also open on the Saturday (26th March) from 11am – 4pm. Then the usual opening days of Thurs, Fri & Sat 11am-4pm) until late October


Guided tours of many of the interesting remains of this WW2 airfield can be arranged with someone who was around at the time in cooperation with a prearranged visit.

For this service please email robin273@btinternet.com this will normally involve an agreed donation for the Trust.

View USN Plane 8 Records Dec 1944 information sought

“Explanation needed this plane record book was found at Upottery airfield after the USN returned to America after the war. This page shows that the aircraft had been operating off of South America” width=”180″ height=”180″ /> Explanation needed this plane record book was found at Upottery airfield after the USN returned to America after the …

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  1. Terry Barnett

    Is the heritage site open before Easter like this week please. 5 April onwards.


    1. Robin

      The two heritage centers one at the nissen hut Upottery the other at Dunkeswell near the flying club open to the public on Good Friday then there after every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until further notice. Regards Robin for the SWAHT

  2. Paul white

    Hi,me and a couple of friends are very interested in looking around your airfield and I see you offer tour’s just wondering how we would go about booking one, date’s, times and prices would be much appreciated.

    1. Robin

      Paul please contact me via email robin273@btinternet.com

  3. robert izzard

    can I buy out of dunkeswell mag or book

    1. Robin

      Hello Robert, the short answer is yes, could you please email me on the email address provided on this site? with details of your location please and I will come back to you Robin

  4. Warren Palmer


    My wife and I are visiting the UK next year from Australia and I am keenly interested to visit your Heritage Centre. It is something that I have been fascinated with in terms of the history and experience for some time and I am hoping although it is still a fair way off that you may be open on the 22nd September.

    Could I kindly ask if your Heritage Centre may be open on this day in 2017 and is it possible to look over the actual airfield?

    Kind regards
    Warren Palmer

    1. Robin

      Warren, delighted to hear from you, please keep in touch and we will do our best to make sure that someone is around to show you around the WW2 Upottery heritage centre and the remains of the old airfield. As the 22nd Sept falls on a Friday it should be open anyway
      I will also try contacting you direct on email.
      Best wishes Robin Gilbert for the SWAHT

  5. Robin

    It is with sadness that we report the loss of Mike Venn who passed away on Tuesday 18th of October 2016.
    He had endured health issues for some time but always bounced back after spells in hospital for treatment.
    Mike was born at Tricky Warren by the site of the Culmhead WW2 airfield and along with his mother and father had to be rehoused as its construction began.
    He was also vice chairman of the trust for a number of years and was put in charge of the restoration of the nissen hut at Upottery field. This project was successfully completed with the practical help of dedicated members at the time.

    Fortunately Mike was following his passion right to the end having spent hours the day before taking pictures at Culmhead airfield with a view for starting another project.

  6. Brett Greene


    I have a great interest in 101st Airbourne and there heroics leading upto and during D-Day. Knowing that they took off from the Upottery airfield I would cherish a visit to your heritage centre at Smeatharpe and if possible a look around the airfield.
    If you would kindly provide a date and timings that you could open the centre, it would be very much appreciated.

    Brett Greene

    1. Robin

      Brett I have tried contacting you several times but your email address will not work. It could be your security system blocking it.
      The best thing is to use my contact email address. robin273@btinternet.com The heritage centre is due to be opened again on March 25th @ 11am
      A visit and tour of the airfield can be arranged via me at an agreed date and time

      1. Robin

        I caught up with Brett eventually and we both enjoyed his tour,

        Hi Robin,
        Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner, but I’d just like to say,”Thank You” for Saturday, showing us around where 101st set off from also all the other interesting things, and especially that incredibly brilliant museum too. it’s an experience il never forget.

        Best regards Brett

  7. robert izzard

    can i have a copy of out dunkeswell

    1. robert izzard

      can you send me a copy of out of dunkeswell I will pay for it many thanks

  8. Ian Thompson

    Hi David and Mike,
    Could you arrange for a walking tour of the airfield for me this weekend (28th or 29th March). Happy to pay whatever the costs would be..I am looking at staying over so flexible on times to suit your schedules.


    1. Robin

      Ian I have forwarded your request to Mike and Dave

  9. Ken Ostler

    Am I able to purchase a copy of Out Of Dunkeswell and are you able to post it to me

    1. Robin

      Ken Ostler now has his copy of Out of Dunkeswell anyone interested in a copy please send request to the contact email address on this site

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