RAF/NAF Dunkeswell – Operations Block

Fund-raising for the Ops Block at Dunkeswell took a knock recently by the very sad death of our chief fund-raiser, Paul Lumkin. Paul had been battling with illness for some time and finally succumbed last month. He had been making considerable progress with at least two organisations capable of providing funds, and we are now faced with continuing the search and building on his good works.

As those who were around at the time will know, Paul was in at the very beginning with the Trust some ten years ago and was responsible for the original plan to acquire and restore the building.

For those more recently involved with the Trust, discussions have been going on with the current owners for some eighteen months, and we have agreement in principle to the purchase – subject to financing of course.

Anyone particularly interested in this project please contact Claude Caple on 01404 892685 (weekday mornings) or 01823 680692.

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